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Façade design with added-value

Added value and sustainability

You will increase the value of your property with an attractive, individually designed brick façade. And with the System kess, you can be sure that this will be a sustainable increase.

Natural and beautiful

The System kess only uses brick slips made of 100% pure clay. This natural raw material provides vivid colours and beautiful, easy-care surfaces.

Energy-saving and breathable

You will save over 40% of your energy costs with the insulation bricks from the System kess. In addition, the brick surface will also ensure sufficient air exchange, prevent moisture and thus fungal infestation.

Durable and maintenance-free

Unlike regular ETICS, brick façades built with the System kess form a fixed unit with the base surface. It is resistant to environmental influences and extremely long-lasting.

Fast and easy

An insulating brick system installed with the System kess does not require the laying of a cumbersome foundation. It is impervious to weather at the job site because no mineral adhesive is used and also because no individual bricks are bonded.

Space-saving and light

The System kess ETICS is "lean". That's why it is especially well suited for renovation. Buildings that receive subsequent thermal insulation retain their architectural character as well as fulfill all stipulations at the same time. The System kess is also 10 to 15 kg lighter per m2 than a bonded façade. This means approx. 2.3 tonnes less weight on the exterior wall for an average family home.

Environmentally friendly and low flammability

SBI testing according to DIN EN 13501-1:2019-05 is used as the evaluation standard for the combustion behaviour of building materials at the European level. In this test we are getting the best result just after "non-combustible": B-s1, d0.

For environmental and fire protection reasons, we principally do not use any polystyrene!

Solid and durable

The adhesive tensile strength of System kess bricks is several times higher than that of individually bonded stone wool and polystyrene systems. Therefore, this also reduces the risk of fire propagation. This will, in turn, minimise property damage. This feature has been confirmed many times in independent tests with various ETICS systems.

Safe and reliable

The System kess uses polyurethane as the insulating material and is thus classified as having low flammability (fire protection class B1). In combination with the extraordinary adhesive tensile strength, the System kess is the ETICS preferred by many building contractors and public property developers. This is because the issue today is all about safety.

Certified and quality-monitored

We have been approved and monitored for quality for many years in

  • Germany (Z-10.3-763)
  • France (CSTB AVIS Technique)
  • Poland (APROBATA TECHNICZNA ITB AT-15-8316/2010)

In addition, the System kess is the only German ETICS with brick slips that has passed the LEPIR 2 major fire test.

We offer convincing solutions and accompany our customers

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