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Façade design with added-value

MORE IS NOT ALWAYS BETTERThis also applies to thermal insulation

More is not always better - this also applies to thermal insulation. Many building owners have been discouraged by the “insulation craze” that has been spreading for some years already, and the false promises and problematic look it brought about. But, the appropriate material in the appropriate thickness can make for an effective thermal insulation, significant cost reduction and higher quality of life. The first 10 to 15 centimetres of insulation material are the deciding factor.

After this the ratio of material thickness to potential insulation effect changes so much, that the higher material expenditure is not worth it.

But the insulation value is not the only thing deciding on the quality – with implications for the fields of application of the different materials. The processing, sustainability and environmental impact of the material play an important part as well and should absolutely be considered when planning your construction project.


It is impossible to talk about thermal insulation without talking about characteristic values.

As the U and R values show*, even the wall element without additional thermal insulation can compare with rock wool. Combined with thermal insulation boards of different thicknesses, the effect can be increased as desired. This saves energy and thus CO2 emissions.

* R-value = thermal resistance; U-value = heat transfer coefficient
System thicknessSystem kess with additional PUR insulationSystem kess 3.5 cm with additional rock wool insulation
3,5 cm1,1460,870,87
5,5 cm0,6301,591,37
7,5 cm0,4352,301,87
9,5 cm0,3323,022,37
11,5 cm0,2533,952,87
13,5 cm0,2124,723,37
15,5 cm0,1765,673,87
17,5 cm0,1546,474,37
19,5 cm0,1377,274,87
21,5 cm0,1248,075,37
23,5 cm0,1138,875,87
* rounded to 2 or 3 decimal places

We principally do not use any polystyrene!

The kess insulating brick systems are always foamed with polyurethane as finished insulation panels ex works. Polyurethane (PU for short) is extremely effective even with low material thickness. Compared to common insulating materials like polystyrene (e.g. styrofoam and styrodur) or mineral wool, PU has,

due to its dense material structure, an enormous stability and top processing properties together with a comparatively high insulation effect. For environmental protection and fire protection reasons, we principally do not use any polystyrene!

We will happily provide you with personal advice regarding our insulating bricks' further advantages. Call us at (0 57 22) 98 15 90 - 91.

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