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STRONG AND LIGHTAdvantage by design

Using our insulating brick panels we can offer you the appropriate installation element for every type of building. Whether in new builds or renovations, private property or business premises, the insulating brick system by kess provides fast, easy and effective embellishments and insulation of your façade.

Our insulating brick panels are truly crafted by hand and made in Germany. Each installation element is tooled to the highest quality requirements and custom-made for your object. The option of choosing between various brick formats, brick bonds and brick surfaces, allows for individual design options for each and every façade.

Wall Elements - Kess

Use the wall elements from System kess to create an attractive façade design with the thermal insulation values people expect today. The elements are mechanically fastened with screws.


We only use high-quality, pure clay brick slips for the external thermal insulation composite system (ETICS) of the System kess. We are able to achieve our large range of vivid colours by carefully mixing various types of clay and finely tuned firing techniques.

The brick slips are not just available in several attractive colours, they also come in various sizes and brickwork bonds.

You can choose between smooth, grained, sanded or glazed surfaces for the bricks. All sizes, colours and surfaces can be combined with any brickwork bonds. This means that we can offer you a virtually unlimited number of creative possibilities for your façade design. Select your personal favourites from over 100 brick types and give your house or building its own signature look!

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